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Courses At Cyber University

Note: The following information was posted in Apr 2008. Due to my resignation from Cyber University in Mar 2009, the following no longer matches the current situation.

As of April 2008, I have the following two courses as a part of the program offered by Cyber University.

  • Introduction To The World Wide Web
  • Workshop On Basic Skills For Web Development

If you can read Japanese, more detailed information on these courses is linked from Japanese version of this page.

After 2009 spring semester, I will be in charge of the following four courses.

  • Universal Design
  • Workshop On Universal Design
  • Software Accessibility
  • Workshop On Accessible Software Development

About Cyber University

Cyber University offers all courses online. Students view on-demand streaming lecture within given period of time and take quiz, submit report, join discussion, and ask questions using special Web site provided for the students. Please visit Cyber University Web site for more detail. (Note information there is in Japanese only at present.)