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Resigned From Cyber University

I resigned from Cyber University as of Mar 31. Both getting to know students with full of enthusiasm to learn through a year and a half of teaching, and meeting and working together with professors who think earnestly of education for past two years became my added asset.

Students who worked seriously on my classes gave me a lot of inspiration. I was able to verify and refresh my knowledge, and keep myself current to the trend of related technologies through preparation for the classes and answering their questions, and it was a great learning experience for me altogether. In the workshop class, I gave a group assignment to develop a Web site which is obviously not an easy task in online-only learning environment. Despite the obstacles, many students worked hard and came up with great Web sites. At the same time, however, this assignment revealed the problems and difficulty of communication using only the Internet. This experience suggested possible future research topics for me as I will continue to work on computer network and the Web.

Getting to know professors especially from the Faculty of Information Technology And Business was invaluable. All of them are experts in their own field and was very interesting just to chat with them. In addition, discussing issues surrounding university education, technologies, etc. with them was a great experience for me.

I am very greatful to students who put up with, and worked hard on my classes, as well as professors who treated me as their colleague even though my experience as an educator was not necessarily sufficient.

There are several reasons why I decided to leave Cyber University. The following three among them are key reasons.

First, it seemed that the ideal, truly accessible online learning environment I was hoping to realize at Cyber university was not exactly what those involved in management of the university were pursuing. As someone promoting accessibility, I was willing to contribute to do this even if it would take a long time, and late Dr. Haruhisa Ishida, the first dean of the Faculty of Information Technology And Business totally agreed with me upon this goal before I decided to join the university. Unfortunately, however, not all the people involved in the management of the university seemed to share this goal.

Second point involves the reason why I have been working hard to teach at this university. I tried to communicate with the students through my lecture to promote ideas around accessibility. Increasing the number of people who have better understanding of accessibility and is able to work together on the issue is something I have been working on since I was a college student. In term of reaching out to more people and raising awareness, it would've been ideal if I could do so through activities separate from my lectures at the university. However, looking back the past two years, it was obviously something impossible mainly due to lack of time. I came to a conclusion that I should spend the same amount of time and effort for activities not limited within the university framework.

Thirdly, considering upcoming graduate research and the new advisor system, this seemed to be the only occasion which I can leave the university with least impact on the students. However, scheduled classes under my name were canceled for this semester and that may have affected some students' study plans. I apologize for any inconvenience to those who are affected.

As stated above, classes which were scheduled to be offered in spring '09 semester, i.e. ``Introduction To The World Wide Web,'' ``Workshop On Basic Skills For Web Development,'' ``Universal Design,'' and ``Workshop On Universal Design,'' have been canceld. After 09 fall, these classes and two additional classes that are scheduled to be offered after '09 fall onward, i.e. ``Software Accessibility,'' and ``Workshop On Accessible Software Development,'' will be taught by my successor, whom the university should be seeking now. By the way, I have heard that the university's response to inqueries about the cancelation to my classes were going to be ``The lecturer is under treatment for some illness.'' Except for being diagnosed as having cold in January, I've been living sick free for quite some time, and of course, the cold is gone by now.

Finally, I would like to express my sincere appreciation and deep condolence to late Dr. Haruhisa Ishida, who offered me this great opportunity, and spared his time to listen to my opinion from time to time, despite my lack of experience as an educator or a researcher.