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Site Management SYstem Has Been Changed

The CMS (content management system) to manage this site has been changed. Originally, Drupal was used to manage this site. However, when I attempted to upgrade the system, some of the functionalities stopped working, probably due to too much customizations I did. As it seemed rather difficult to deal with the problem, and also because of a few other factors, I decided to move to Plone. (This is why this site has been offline and "under maintainance" for some time.)

I tried to keep the addresses of existing pages, but it may not be complete. Also, adjustment to visual appearance and site structure is necessary. I'll continue to make adjustment, but in the meantime, you may encounter some inconvenience. Please let me know if you notice anything.

Please note that due to this change, addresses of the RSS feeds have been changed as well. Please refer to the RSS Info Page and adjust your feed reader subscription accordingly.