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About This Site

This site is Masafumi NAKANE's personal site. It is maintained and operated by Masafumi NAKANE.

Site Policies

I intend to follow the policies below in operating this site. Please send me any comments and suggestions to improve the usability and accessibility of this site. Especially, your comments on visual aspect of the site is welcome as it is not possible for a blind individual to check and maintain a perfect appearance of the site.

  • Easy access with screen readers
  • Easy access for those without screen readers as well
  • Site structure and interface that support true multilingual site (Japanese and English only for now)
  • Make information available in both Japanese and English as much as possible
  • Appropriate markup is used

Linking From Other Sites

I believe all the information on the Web should be made public with an assumption that they will be linked from other sites. Thus, any page on this site can be linked without any permission. URLs of any page that has been made public on this site should not change and can be used as permalinks. If you encounter any inconvenience, please let me know.


Information on this site can be quoted on other sites and media without permission, but please follow the guidelines below.

  • Make the quoted text distinguishable from other text with appropriate method (e.g. use the blockquote element on an HTML page)
  • Make the URL of the original page available to readers (e.g. create a link to the original page on a Web page)
  • Considering the fact that information on ANY Web page may change from time to time, make it possible for readers to guess when the quoted text was posted on the original page (e.g. make the posted date clear on a blog entry)


Unless otherwise noted in individual page, copyright of information on this site belongs to Masafumi NAKANE.