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Organizations And Projects I Am Involved

Web Sites I Manage

  • TrashPot -- a Web site for my experimental projects. Currently, a blog and a Wiki are running there. (In Japanese only)
  • VOA (VoiceOver of Apple Products) -- a Wiki site for sharing information (in Japanese) on VoiceOver, the screen-reading technology from Apple that can be found on their recent products.

Other Links

  • My Incomplete Book List -- a list of books I read, created using the Instant Store function of (Japanese only)
  • My Clipbook -- articles and others on the Internet which drew my interest, along with my comment, created using Tumblr. (Japanese Only)

Since services I sue vary from time to time, and also most of the ones I use can be found through search engines with my name as the key, social networking and other services I use are not listed here.